Day 1


08:30- 09:00

Registration, Coffee & Networking

09:10- 09:35

Keynote Presentation: Using Big Data to support Strategic Policy Development in Government

Developing compelling data projects to support key government decisions. Working across organisations to get the right questions, the right data and influence the right decision makers. Understanding how senior bureaucrats and politicians use data to drive decisions.

Naomi Perdomo
A/g Assistant Secretary Data and Digital Branch Policy, Innovation and Projects - Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

09:35- 09:45

Audience Interactive Icebreaker: How Do You Do Data?

Let’s start how we mean to go on, in discussion making valuable industry connections.

09:45- 10:10

Presentation: Forces Shaping Data Science and Machine Learning Today

Emerging trends and technological breakthroughs are rapidly changing the data science and machine learning landscape today. These forces bring new challenges as well as new opportunities.  This session will cover these trends as well as highlight the common pitfalls to avoid in order to be successful regardless where you are on this journey.

Felix Liao
Domain Leads Manager – Analytics Platform - SAS

10:10- 10:45

Keynote Data Leaders Panel: Public Sector Pioneers – Small Steps…Giant Leaps

Understanding existing initiatives – From data inventory to the end goal of uninterrupted and responsive services; Facing the challenge of short term gains to ensure long term success in your data strategy; Identifying opportunities for synergies – Why information sharing and transparency amongst your teams and third party bodies is crucial to secure success in… Read more.

John Wallace
Chief Data Officer & Senior Executive, Specialist Services - ASIC
Elizabeth Milne
Assistant Secretary of the Data Science and Engineering Branch - Department of Defence
Steve Davies
First Assistant Secretary, Data Management Division (Chief Data Officer) - Australian Department of Home Affairs

10:45- 11:15

Coffee & Networking Break

11:15- 11:40

Keynote Update: Becoming More Data-Driven & Intelligence Led- ASIC’s Investment in Data

Revealing the context/drivers for the Commission to establish the CDO function in ASIC ASIC’s data strategy. An overview of analytics projects in action.

John Wallace
Chief Data Officer & Senior Executive, Specialist Services - ASIC

11:40- 11:50

Audience Interactive: How are you Driving Data and Analytics Innovation in the Public Sector?

Confident on your data quality? Benchmark your outputs; Keeping pace on regulations and ethical principles? How are you ensuring sustainable good governance and security throughout the analytics lifecycle?

12:15- 12:40

Keynote Presentation: Advanced Analytics to Optimise Infrastructure Networks and Minimise Forward Capital Liability in Auckland’s Growth Boom

This session will showcase infrastructure analytics which is underpinning Auckland’s growth. Providing some animations and real-life examples of how this is affecting infrastructure decisions that inform social and affordable housing solutions and the city we all aspire to live, work and play in!

Haydn Read
Head of Infrastructure Programmes - Auckland Council

12:40- 13:50

Buffett Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Area


13:50- 14:25

Discussion Group: Data Management – Critical Success Factors in Managing Data

How to foster a collaborative approach to data management? How can data positively improve to your organisation’s success and reputation rate internally and externally; Designing a citizen-centric ICT system and creating a unified enterprise vision of data as asset to cement any Data Governance initiative;

14:25- 15:00

Discussion Group: Overcoming Roadblocks to Effective Data Governance and Quality

Dealing with conflict! What are the most effective ways of communicating the importance of compliance to governance standards at grass roots level? Successful strategies to champion data standards and best practice processes to uplift the data usage and quality throughout the organisation; How to foster creativity- data management, governance and analysis on a shoe-string;

15:00- 15:35

Discussion Group: Overcoming Reluctance to a Data-driven Culture within Public Sector Organisations

What impact does data and analytics have on the agency mission? Building trust and relationships within your organisation while coping with high expectations and limited knowledge around information management by internal users; What is the impact of traditional organisational structures and its potential disruption when trying to deliver innovation?

Angelo Saridis Gippsland Water
Angelo Saridis
General Manager Transformation - Gippsland Water

Day 1 Track B – Let’s Explore: DATA INSIGHT & INNOVATION

13:50- 14:25

Presentation: ATO’s Most Important Asset – Data

Data is the oil of the business. Good data and right data need to be the principles to drive insight to decision making; Making data discoverable, accessible and useable (DAU) to the user through co-design is critical. Realising the value of the DAU.

Tyson Fawcett ATO
Tyson Fawsett
Director Data Manager, Smarter Data - Australian Taxation Office

14:25- 15:00

Presentation: Machine Learning – Strategies for Achieving Success with a Data Science Practice in the Public Sector

Dr Tania Churchill
Dr Tania Churchill
A/g Director, Enterprise Analytics - Australian Government

15:00- 15:35

A Case Study – Analytics in Social Services

Sharing insight and considering the Priority Investment Approach in Australia.

Jillian Moses Department of Social Services
Jillian Moses
Branch Manager Policy Analysis and Reporting - Department of Social Services

15:35- 16:05

Coffee & Networking Break

16:05- 16:30

Keynote Presentation: Leading Organisations through Rapid Change and Disruption

Developing compelling data projects to support key government decisions; Working across organisations to get the right questions, the right data and influence the right decision makers; Understanding how senior bureaucrats and politicians use data to drive decisions.

Ole Nielsen
Deputy Chief Digital Officer and Director of Digital Transformation - ACT Government

16:55- 17:30

THE PROJECT: Have you Realised Spectacular Value from your Analytics?

An opportunity for your department or team to be recognised Three short-listed entries will present for 10 minutes each and Inspire us! The audience will vote on their favourite project presented, no standard metrics just based on audience chills and thrills. Awarding the winner the all important bragging rights, and our ‘Data Champions Public Sector’ trophy 2018.

17:30- 18:30

CDAO Public Sector 2018 Networking Drinks