The digital government – a revolutionary challenge for the Mandarins?

Time: 16.05 - 16.30
On: Day 1 - 02/05/2017

How data analytics (aka data science) & quantitative methodologies are critical to improving policy, service deliver, performance and compliance;  Enabling government agencies to thrive given the combined agendas of e-government; e-commerce; e-service; data sharing and big data; and Australia’s financial, economic and geo-political circumstances;  Taking it a step further:  Having APS managers who understand the methodologies of data science and the analytic foundations of public administration and public policy do so in much more sophisticated ways than ever before;  How the history of large-scale reform in the APS shows minimal achievement in which the systemic deep seated shortcomings of the APS persist;  and why this must not happen in this era of digital disruption and increasing uncertainty if our Commonwealth is to thrive.