Dr Armin Haller

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Dr Armin Haller

Job Title: Chair

Company: Australian Government Linked Data Working Group

Armin Haller is a trusted innovator and educator with a reputation for delivering innovative change across the information technology sector and Government. He is well connected globally and locally in several disciplines of Information Technology.

Besides a high degree of technical and business leadership, he is highly experienced in digital project management, strategy and product development. His greatest strength is the ability to set strategic directions on emerging digital technologies. He manages projects and develops products that help industrial and Government clients to model, integrate, distribute and mine data to gain new insights.

He is helping the Australian Government in defining strategies for the use and the publishing of Open Data through his chairmanship of the Australian Government Linked Data Working.

Specialities: Data Analytics, Product Development, Project Management, Data Integration, Ontology Development, Data Mining, Web technologies, user interfaces and user interactions, E-Commerce, digital business models, business process management and Cloud Computing.