Dr Sanat Bista

Dr Sanat Bista

Job Title: Director & Principal Data Scientist

Company: National Health & Medical Research Council (NHRMC)

Dr Sanat Bista is a result focused data scientist and a team leader with over 16 years of proven track record in leading and delivering projects across IT, business and research domains. With his extensive technical and consultative abilities, he brings valuable insights to a range of complex situations. He has a strong focus on Big Data, Big Data Strategy, Data Science and Internet of Things (IoT). His main areas of focus include database and DBMS, data analytics, computer programming, natural language processing, cognitive computing, data modeling, information management, social media design and analytics, social network analytics, software engineering, computational intelligence, graph analytics and game theoretic modelling.

Speaking at the following:

14.55 - 15.35
The most innovative analytical and reporting strategies to extract real value from big data

Responding to bespoke and ad hoc analysis challenges;  How to keep up with the exponentially growing volumes of data; and enhancing reporting systems and addressing legacy reporting systems.