Elizabeth Milne

Elizabeth Milne

Job Title: Assistant Secretary of the Data Science and Engineering Branch

Company: Department of Defence

Elizabeth Milne (Liz) is the Assistant Secretary of the Data Science and Engineering Branch within the Australian Signals Directorate (Department of Defence). Liz is also the Chief Data Officer for the organisation. Liz took on this role when the Branch was established in January 2017.

Liz joined the Australian Signals Directorate as a graduate in 1986, having graduated from the University of Melbourne with a BSc(Hons) majoring in nuclear physics. Liz has also completed an MBA.

Most of Liz’s career has been within the Department of Defence, with about half of it in the Australian Signals Directorate. Many of Liz’s roles have (fortunately) had a technical focus. However, in the Chief Information Office Group (Defence) Liz was the responsible for the delivery of corporate services, and the establishment of the Portfolio Management Office. Prior to returning to the Australian Signals Directorate in January 2016, Liz was responsible for the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency.

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