John Dardo

John Dardo Speaker chief data analytics public sector event Australia Canberra

John Dardo

Job Title: Chief Digital Officer

Company: Australian Taxation Office

We are proud to announce that the key senior official, John Dardo, Chief Digital Officer of the key agency leading the way in data, analytics and service delivery – the Australian Taxation Office, will present a keynote after Angus Taylor MP on day 2 of the conference.

John Dardo joined the ATO in 1997 and has spent more than 15 years working as a senior executive in a range of areas including Compliance and Service Delivery.

John is currently the ATO’s Chief Digital Officer, and up until recently was the Deputy Commissioner of Business Reporting and Registration, responsible for the Australian Business Register (ABR) and the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) programs.

John holds an MBA and a range of tertiary qualifications in Science and Technology, Human Resources, Change Management and is a Fellow of The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG).

Speaking at the following:

9.10 - 9.35
Keynote address: How the ATO is leveraging digital strategies to engage with and deliver a seamless customer experience

Leveraging digital transformation to better engage with customers  and deliver on the promise of superior service delivery;  Strategies to seamlessly transform service deliver:  linking data, analytics and digital transformation strategies;  Design, build and drive digital service capability and adoption by customers:  how the ATO is using various platforms to interact with its customers.