Paul Stone

Paul Stone Open Data Leader New Zealand Chief Data Analytics Officer Public Sector

Paul Stone

Job Title: Open Data Leader, NZ Open Data Programme

Company: Stats New Zealand

Stats NZ is the lead agency for government-held data in New Zealand.

As the lead for data, Stats NZ’s role is to facilitate. They support government agencies to build their capability and manage the data they hold as a valuable strategic asset.

In this his role Paul is helping to lead the New Zealand government in transformation through open data. Aiming for the proactive release of all high value public data as business as usual.

Speaking at the following:

09:10 - 09:35
Keynote Presentation: What is Open Data?

This session will focus on the Open Government Data Programme – the intention of the government polices, purpose, goals and strategies. Highlighting the growing public data asset and a variety of real life examples of how open data has been reused in innovative ways.