Ric Clarke

Ric Clarke Speaker Public Sector Chief Data Analytics Conference Canberra Australia

Ric Clarke

Job Title: Director, Emerging Data & Methods

Company: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Ric Clarke leads a multidisciplinary capability development team in the delivery of innovative prototype solutions for official statistics. This work includes the investigation of new methods and technologies for representing, integrating and analysing complex digital information from diverse sources – such as survey and administrative collections, transactional data, and sensor measurements. Areas of current focus include the Semantic Web and linked data, machine reasoning and learning for information discovery, content extraction from unstructured data, and the visualisation of multidimensional data.

Speaking at the following:

10.30 - 10.55
Case study: The ABS “big data” directions project – clearing the path towards greater efficiency & data integrity

Big data for statistical vs. commercial use – how to augment consumer experiences;  Joining forces to get the most out of data –  building strategic collaborations with universities, research organisations, enterprise and agencies;  and exploiting the latest technologies – semantic web technologies, scalable distributed processing and data visualisation tools.