Richard Mackey

Richard Mackey Speaker Public Sector Chief Data Analytics Conference Canberra Australia

Richard Mackey

Job Title: Director, Strategic Research, Strategy Branch, Strategic Policy & Planning Division

Company: Department of Immigration & Border Protection

Richard Mackey is a highly respected contributor to public policy and administration.

His contributions include property rights for fisheries management; the use of outcomes and outputs in the budget; improved data, systems and data analytics in the Australian Taxation Office.

At this Forum Richard will argue that the wise use of data analytics and quantitative methodologies will be essential to improving all aspects of public administration (policy, service delivery, performance and compliance) enabling government agencies to thrive in the circumstances of the combined agendas of e-government; e-commerce; e-service; data sharing and big data, given Australia’s financial, economic and geo-political circumstances, but require managers who understand the methodologies and the analytic bases of public administration in much more sophisticated ways than ever before.

Richard is Director of Strategic Research in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.  He has held senior positions in central agencies, the Australian National Audit Office, state administration and the private sector.

Speaking at the following:

14.15 - 14.55
How to make data open and accessible to enable better decision making and increase transparency in government

Adopting a commercial model to break down silos and open data;  Delivering transparency, social and economic value and participatory governance;  and how dynamic data can maximise the benefits of open data initiatives.

16.05 - 16.30
The digital government – a revolutionary challenge for the Mandarins?

How data analytics (aka data science) & quantitative methodologies are critical to improving policy, service deliver, performance and compliance;  Enabling government agencies to thrive given the combined agendas of e-government; e-commerce; e-service; data sharing and big data; and Australia’s financial, economic and geo-political circumstances;  Taking it a step further:  Having APS managers who understand the… Read more.